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It must be done every two (2) years, because there are residues (moisture – sulfur, earth, etc.) that settle down the bottom of the tank and cause:

Problems in the operation of the burner
Oxidation & corrosion of the sheet with immediate consequence of piercing the tank.
Reasons to clean the tank

The tank has to be cleaned every two years in order to remove the sludge that sits due to the specific gravity at the bottom, because if it does not remove it, it creates erosion conditions, so there is the possibility of it rusting and having to do it to change.

How to clean the tank

There comes the cistern, which has two hoses.

At the same time he draws the oil he has inside. Emptying the tank, entering the manhole through the manhole, cleaning it from the oil residue, placing – if necessary – a special material on the seams of the welding, so that any resources can be sealed to them and after the necessary filtration in the oil, it is placed again, clean now, in the tank.


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