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The company offers fire extinguishers in the form of loan utilization in the blocks of flats with which it cooperates, ensuring the maximum possible protection for the property and the life of the tenants, with the sole commitment to make the retreat in our company at economical prices.

Fire extinguishers are delivered and placed in the space indicated by the customer by qualified technicians?

at no extra cost.

At the same time it is active in the sale of fire extinguishers.


One of the key obligations is the fire protection of the block of flats. In the space of the boiler room due to the combustible materials (oil-gas), the possibility of fire is too great, so it is necessary (basis of legislation) to put fire extinguishers

For the other public floors, the installation of portable fire extinguishers can prevent the expansion of a small fireplace and contribute to the security of the apartment building.

Fire extinguishers must be systematically inspected by the trustee during the year and, upon completion, be retreaded by authorized factories.

The annual recharging of 6kg portable is 13 € and 12kg 16 €.

For apartment buildings that want to buy fire extinguishers and belong to the block of flats the company undertakes the sale. The purchase of 6kg is at 35 € and the 12kg of the burner is 60 €.

The company can provide fire extinguishers in the apartment building in the form of a loan in which the fire extinguishers are owned by plus oil and are given in the apartment building ready for use and for the first year the retreading is free of charge. Then and for as long as the collaboration of the block of flats with the company continues, the apartment building is obliged to carry out the retreat every year with plus oil.


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